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1. If you show a genuine, government-issued photo ID that has not been altered in any manner, we will accept a return or exchange without a receipt.

2. The return is accepted by the refund verification process.
If you return an item without a receipt and the refund verification process accepts it, you have two options: a. exchange the item; or b. refund the item (s).
If the refund value of the returned item(s) is less than $10, you can get a cash refund.

3. If you don't have your receipt or order number, the business may be able to locate your purchase if you have the following information:
a. The credit or debit card that was used to make the in-store purchase.
b. The email address or phone number used to complete the online purchase.

Most things purchased on Atisella.com can be returned by mail for free.
If you have an account, you can return an item by mail:
1. Go to Atisella.com or the Atisella app to see your order history.

2. Look for the item(s) that you want to return.

a. PLEASE NOTE: Only items from the same order can be returned together.
Separate processing will be required for numerous goods from multiple orders.

3. For each item, select "Return" or "Replace" and offer a reason for the return.

4. To print your return label, choose "Return by mail."

5. Pack the item(s) with its original packing and accessories, then mail or deliver it by USPS or FedEx.

6. Once we get the item, we will issue a refund or replace it.

If you don't have an Atisella account and want to return something, follow these steps:
Visit our online order tracking system to begin your return for faster processing. You need to have your email address and order number ready.

It's simple to return products by mail if they turn out to be different than expected or just aren't quite what you want.
To return things purchased online, you can choose the method that best matches your schedule.

To get started, download the Atisella app, log in, and then follow the in-app directions to start the return process.
Before you begin, you must first put your receipt into the app.

If you need to return something you bought on the internet, you must do it via mail.
Begin by logging into your account on the website to complete the return by mail.
To return an item, go to Purchase History and then to the item you wish to return.
Next to the item, click ""start a return.""
This option allows you to print a free return shipping label using your printer.
Check that your item is in its original packing and that all the original accessories areincluded, if any were included.
Return the item with the shipping label attached.
Your refund will be handled, or a replacement will be delivered to you once it is received.

If you return an item with a receipt within the return period, your refund will be refunded to your original payment method.
If you paid with cash or a check, you will be given a cash refund.

Credit card: The refund must be made to the same credit card that was used to purchase the item.
You'll get a refund on an Atisella shopping card or gift card if you can't provide the original credit card and it's not available by scanning the TC number on the receipt.
The refund will appear as a credit back on your credit card within ten (10) business days after the return has been processed.

If your receipt says, "debit tend," your refund will be put back on your debit card if is available, or you can get cash.

The refund must be paid to the same debit card if the receipt does not say "debit tend," which means the purchase was handled as a credit transaction.
You'll obtain a refund on a Atisella shopping card or gift card if the debit card isn't present and can't be found by scanning the TC number (the 16-digit number near the barcode) on the receipt.

The refund will appear as a credit back on your debit card within seven (7) business days after the return has been processed.

If you notice the option to cancel your order in your Purchase History, you can do so. You will receive an email confirmation if we are able to cancel the order.

Most items are returnable if you are unable to edit or cancel your order. Please read over our return policy.

Cancel an Order

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Order number (13 digits required)

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Cancel an Order
Use these steps to see if the item or order is still in a Processing status to request a cancellation.
- Select Account.
- Select Purchase History.
- Locate the order you want to cancel.
- Scroll to the bottom and select Request Cancellation, if available.
If you can't cancel the order, learn about our return policy or start a return in your account once you receive the item.

Edit an Order
There is a customized banner across the top of our homepage and in your Purchase History when you have items processing for pickup or delivery from your local store.
- Select Account.
- Select Purchase History.
- Select Edit items.

You can make the following changes:
- Add or remove items
- Increase or decrease quantities
- Allow or disallow substitutions
- Reschedule your timeslot
- Choose a different store location

Changes could take the order total over or under the $35 threshold. We charge $5.99 for orders under $35 and remove the fee in the event the order total exceeds $35.

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