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Return & Exchange

We place a high value on your pleasure.
Allow us to assist you with a return or replacement if you are unhappy with your purchase.
You can return things for free by mail, with our simple returns.
Items purchased on Atisella.com can usually be returned or exchanged with a receipt within ninety (90) days after purchase.Learn more.

Need to return an online order?
Enter your order number and email

We'll send your refund receipt to this email address. Learn more
Are you dissatisfied with your purchase?
We'll set things right.

Here's what you'll need to know about exchanging or returning an item:
Unless otherwise stated in our exclusions, you have 90 days from the date of purchase to exchange or return your item.
You can return things in-store, via mail for free, or by scheduling a pickup from your home.
Please give your in-store receipt or Walmart.com order number, and we will refund the purchase amount, as well as any applicable taxes and fees, to the original mode of payment or replace the item.

Whether or not the consumer has a receipt, Atisella has the right to limit, or refuse returns or exchanges.
A refund verification process is applied to all returns that do not include a receipt.
If Atisella or the seller can prove delivery or abuse, refunds for missing items may be subject to a recharge.
All returns decisions are governed by applicable laws.

For violations or abuse of our returns policy, or any fraudulent activity linked to returns, Atisella maintains the right to close Atisella.com accounts, as well as cancel or refuse orders or returns.

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